Friday, April 16, 2010

Give Thanks to Allah

Many thanks to Allah. I am proud to be myself which is what it is. I feel calm :) I love my life. Whatever, what do you think about me. Me is me, right?

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

So Sick

The accident came to me last night. And it is creepy. Want to see it? Let's see !

My thumb has wedged. It because, when I opened the gate I didn't see that my foot in there. So, many blood out from my thumb. This is the first aid I've been doing

First aid : Betadine and tissue

And, I found some of my uncle's medical equipment

This is my blood pressure

Is it normal, right? Hahaha. The accident happened in my grandmother's house. My mom said that my grandmother miss me. So, I went there with my father last night. I love my grandmother so much, because she is very kind to me. Get well soon nek :)

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

I'm So Lazy

Hey people, I don't know why I'm so lazy. Everyday, I try to make a different for my life. But, when I opened my eyes. Everytime, I dont know what I feel. I just want to stay at home and not interest to go to everywhere. Huh, why? I love my home, my room very much. Huh, can you help me? I'm going crazy right now.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Giveaway from EVITA

Hey guys, this is giveaway from Evita Nuh

You only need to choose, and she's already put the gift in a beautiful box from lovely lace.

If you want to know more, click here

Have fun

Hey do you know guys? I'm very happy yesterday. Because, all of my family members attend the family gathering. But, my grandma didn't. Hmm, no problem but I'm very HAPPY. I can met all of my cousin. We have not seen before for a long time, heheh. We played together like a child, hahaha. Filled with laughter. Oh, can you imagine that? Hahaha. And today, I must study hard because, next week I'll have a test. Wish me luck okay. I'm very worried. SURE !

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Hey do you know? I'm so bored today. I don't know what i feel but I really really bored. Nothing special in my life, always. Huh, I'm very very tired. Because of my life. I want to search something new and it can make my life more happy. Hahaha, is it funny yeah? but, it is real. Everything what I want in my life is just one word = HAPPY. Huh, where is happy? Tell me if you know guys, thanks a lot :)

Friday, April 9, 2010

Will be come true

Hey people i don't know what to do right now. I just stay alone in my house. Uhh, i feel so bored. I want to go out and forget about exam, lessons and many things that can make me feel so bored. I want to hang out but I can't. I promise to myself that I want to serious in twelve grade. I want to be success. I'm sure I CAN DO IT ! huuh, not a bullshit. Yeah, I really afraid. I want to be a serious person. Never too late to do it, right?. I want to change my life. No more lazy MARLITA okay. Hem, a few weeks away there are exams. I'll report to you (If I get a good score) Hehehe, just kidding guys. Okay okay I'll study right here, right now. Don't be afraid hehehe. Oh, I just want to share to you. These are some of the most thing I really want to have.

Again and again is camera. I Love camera and always. Hope I can buy it with my own money. But, I'm not sure about this heheh (seriously). I'm not sure my mom want to buy this for me hehe. I'm sorry mom. Hem, many things that I want to have. I just want to share with you. I like sharing to other people.

It is so cute, right? wait, I just want to tell the best thing for today and it can make me smiling for a while. Let's see...

The picture is too small? you can click on the picture to enlarge. It is so funny yeah hahaha. If you want to try, click
here you'll shock haha. Same like me. Good luck !

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Comeback, with a lot of stories to share

Hey hey people!! I really miss my blog :)
Okay, okay satu bulan kulewati tanpa menulis, rasanya ada yang kurang hehe. Banyak hal yang mungkin kalian tidak ketahui, bahwa ya 28 Maret kemarin itu ulang tahun saya. Nothing special. Karena nenek saya tercinta masuk rumah sakit. I'm so sad. Yeah, sebelum dan setelah ulang tahun saya, saya mendapat banyak sekali hadiah dari para kerabat. Dan tak sedikit juga yang lupa akan hari ulang tahun saya. Again and again I said nothing special on my birthday this year. Tapi saya juga menerima beberapa hadiah dari keluarga saya. Saya mendapatkan satu buah sepatu (Horraaaaaaay!!!) New collection yeay hehehe. Itu dari om saya tercinta hueuehehe. I really like it. Thank you so much. Saya juga mendapat beberapa pakaian dari bude saya, hehehe makasih ya bude. Hem, mengingat apa yang harus saya ceritakan kali ini, Aha! setelah membongkar lemari sepatu lama dan dan saya menemukan Dr.Martin Shoes wihiw! Entah kenapa sepatunya pas dengan ukuran kaki saya. Mungkinkah ini takdir? hahaha Hem dan sekarang saya menginginkan sekali mempunyai album Soulvibe-Antartika. Saya sudah keliling-keliling toko CD dan belum menemukannya. Fiuh, harus berusaha lebih keras ya! Dan dan saya merasa sangat takut menghadapi ujian-uian yang akan datang. Hehhh, wish me luck okay! Bulan Maret lalu saya merasa sangat sibuk, sangat sangat sibuk, entah kenapa. Semoga bisa membagi waktu lagi dengan baik. Dan perjalanan untuk liburan siap menanti saya horay! hehe. Tapi saya harus melewati ujian yang begitu banyak. Huaaah rasanya saya ingin jungkir balik hahaha. Banyak tugas menumpuk, jadi saya harus melanjutkan lagi tugas-tugas saya. Bye, people :D

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